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home sweet waco.

Waco has a pretty unfortunate reputation. Google Image “Waco” and see what comes up. Go ahead and do it right now just for grins.

The first image is none other than the Branch Davidian siege. Yep, we are known for the crazies. My junior year of college I went on a trip to Europe for New Years. My roommate and I put on our big girl pants and decided to take on an adventure of a lifetime. When people asked where we were from, we would say Waco. The common response? Oh, that’s where the David Koresh thing happened. That is how most Germans know our city. Cool…

I haven’t always loved Waco. My freshman year at Baylor, I couldn’t wait to leave. But, as the years went by, the city began growing on me. I began to actively involve myself in the community and the city won me over.

I’ve been asked if I am called to Waco. My response? Today I am.

I want to live my life in the present. That doesn’t mean that I don’t learn from the past or dream for the future. That just means that I want to embrace what God has given me here and now.

I do love this city. That doesn’t mean that I will be here forever…who knows where God will call me next. But I am here for now, and I plan on investing in my city while I am here.

I’d like to challenge you to do the same. Wherever you call home, make it YOUR home.

P.S. This was taken on the European adventure I referenced. Don’t judge me for wearing Uggs. It was cold…



cadbury mini eggs and other thoughts on easter.

Easter is coming! Do you know what that means?

Yes. That’s right. Cadbury Mini Eggs.

They are an addiction of mine. I just ate half a bag. I’m pretty positive the third ingredient listed on the label is crack. They call to me.

Maybe your struggle isn’t talking chocolate eggs. Maybe yours is something much deeper. Something much more painful. I know I have those too. Things we have turned to in times of pain when we don’t choose to turn to Jesus.

Easter. Resurrection Day. The day Christ defeated death itself.

John Piper writes, “If your life is flat, empty, without exhilaration, without significance, without a single and fulfilling orientation, it is because you do not see the risen Christ for who he really is…For if we could keep in view the risen Christ as he really is, our bottomless appetite for beauty and greatness and wonder would find satisfaction, and our lives would be unending worship and joyful obedience.”

I want that! Unending worship! Joyful obedience!

We were made for the joy of finding beauty in God alone. But instead of looking to him to find the beauty we were created for, we spend our time pursuing things of the world to feed our insatiable desire to admire greatness and beauty. I once heard the statement that, “God put us within sight of Mt. Everest, but we pull down the shades and show slides from a projector of a dirt hill.”

No one really wants the dirt hill. Yet, we choose to replay the slide over and over again. Nothing of this world can satisfy our heart’s deepest longings. Sure they make life bearable. They bring short-term happiness. But do they provide life-long joy? Do they compare to the moments you have scrapped the projector screen, torn down the blinds, and thrown open the window to really experience the magnificent glory of the RISEN Christ?

He is enough. He satisfies every longing of the heart. Even the longing for Cadbury Mini Eggs.